Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Crafts

 My Jr. Highers made 80 of these crosses for the Missions Christmas Dinner.  We hot glued popcicle sticks together painted them with acrylic paints and then decoupaged a heart to the middle and added a string. 
 I've started a collection of these little pearl snowmen.  I've been saving little glass bottles over the year and throw in some pearls and a form head and then embellish with eyelets, buttons, broken jewelry, etc....
 Snowman ornaments made from sheet music and a stripy scarf paper with a button.
Made some wool and felt flowers for Mistletoe Mall.  I just buy colorful wools sweaters from the good will and repurpose them.  Sew them together with a button and add a pin  back and any extra layer of wool on the back.  super easy and fun.  I great way to cheer up your wool coat or sweater.

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roc said...

what wonderful crafts! love 'em!