Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Nest

Spring to me is a time of the year when everything is fresh and new.  I love to look up in the tree and see the green buds, and new leaves filling out.  I love listening to the birds chirp in the warmth of the sunlight.  These things inspire me to get out the paper scraps, vintage images, paint and anything else I think might go with Spring.  Things such as peat pots, Easter grass, bunnies, birds, eggs, mini-flowers and greenery, help to capture this time of year.   

For this little nest project, I used a peat pot that I had gotten a dozen of at the dollar store.  I painted the pot white, and then embellished it with vintage lace and a button with jute tied through it.  I then collaged some scrapbook paper prints and grass with a bunny image I had from a vintage Easter card.  (see page),  I also collaged together the letters NEST and wrapped them around a piece of string and tied them to pipe cleaners to make the banner across the top.  I glued it all together with a hot glue gun, and added Easter grass and some small silk florals in the front to make the nest Springy.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Auction Art

We are getting all of our collaborative group artwork together for an art auction coming up next week.  This one was by 3rd graders.  Each of the painted and decorated a heart that was collaged onto printed Valentines papers and collaged together in a square grid.

6th graders were inspired by MVP Mike Trout for this group project.  They each illustrated something Trout  or Angel, then they were collaged together to make a mosaic.

Also, 6th graders did a similar collage to the Angel one.  Seen here is #24 all things Kobe Bryant.

 Third graders study Native American Indians in social studies.  So I thought it was appropriate to have each student create a tepee for their Indians to dwell in.  They were then collaged onto torn papers in alternating greens and browns to give it the look of the plains.

 In Kindergarten we study Laurel Burch the artist and jewelry designer.  We can break her cats down into basic shapes and lines and create our own unique cats.  Each one different and artistically illustrated.
Strips of patterns were used to create this deer illustration.  The students each designed a strip of patterns, and then each pattern was collaged onto the shape of the deer head.

Our theme verse for the year, Psalm 133:1 was used to illustrate this picture of bird houses with their occupants all living together in unity in one tree.  Each student designed a bird house and then collaged it onto the collaged tree.  The letters were cut out of magazines and collaged onto the picture.

Color and radial symmetry were the inspiration for this piece of group art.  Each student took two analogous colors for the color wheel and created a radial symmetrical design on a 3 inch piece of paper.  Each piece was collage together in color wheel order giving it a sort of transitional effect.