Monday, September 30, 2013

Shapes Pizza

My jr. Kinders are studying shapes so today we made pizzas with triangle cheese, rectangle peppers, circular pepperoni, square sausages and round olives.  Oh and don't forget to shake a little Parmesan cheese glitter on the top.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Still Life

 In 5th grade today, we went over observational drawing.  I have 9 tips for observational drawing and they go like this.  1. Look closely at what you are drawing.  2.  Draw from real objects. 3. Beware of elipicals. 4. Draw lightly and sketch our proportions first. 5. Add a range of value.  6. Learn depth of space, what goes in front what goes behind, where does the table line go.  7.  Know when to add or omit details.  8. Never trace.  9.  Be creative, add your own soul.
I have picked up various fake fruits at garage sales.  This way they always stay fresh and never go bad and I always have them on hand when needed. 

Finger Puppets

One of my favorite things to do is share these little artist finger puppets with the kinders.  I love the little expressions on their faces.  Andy kinda has a blank stare and Frida looks like she is on pain meds.  Picasso and Monet look like they are sharing a secret and Vincent, well, he just ain't happy.    I got these at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. but I'm sure you can find them on-line. 

More Monkeys

 We have seen a monkey in the art room.  He is a very naughty monkey and breaks all the rules.  I go over the rules for art class at the beginning of the year so that all the kids know what is expected.  Also, they know the rules in case they run into the naughty monkey, so they can let him know too. 
 I hear he needs a refresher on the playground rules too, so if you see him let him know.  In the mean time we drew and painted monkeys on the first day in honor of the naughty monkey.  Be good kids, you don't wanna get kicked out.

Name Pattern

 On a ten inch square paper, students make a two in grid.  Then they write the letters of their name continually until they run out of squares.  Each letter of their name can be a different font, but should repeat with the letters of the name.  Then backgrounds can include decorative patterns and colors.