Thursday, July 19, 2012

Art Camp 2012/2

 We have been really busy this week in my backyard.  We started with treehouses.  The backgrounds are a painting technique using bubble wrap.  Next we used oil pastels on brown construction paper for the trees.  We added a ladder with wooden craft sticks.  They kids designed their own tree houses and tucked them in the branches, lastly, we added green construction paper leaves with sharpie details.
 We have also made cardboard sculptures, by layering carboard strips of different lengths, and then adding acrylic paint designs to the top.  Love these, they were very fun to make too.  We passed the colors around the table adding more layers of color and design, saving black for last.
 More cardboard, masks.  I had some big cardboard boxes from Ikea, that just needed to be artcycled.  we added designs to three colored craft sticks with sharpies, and designed the mask face with oil pastels.  We added sticks to the top for hair.
 This was done with finger painting, no paint brush.  The kids drew their self portrait first, then traced with black tempera and their finger.  The background layer was folded to get several rectangles and water colored.  When it dried, we added black sharpie designs. 
 This was an experiment and they are still drying so I don't know if they turned out.  We dipped the yarn in glue then added layers to the outside of the bottoms of water bottles.  They are suppose to be yarn vases, we will see if they turn out.
And the trusty toilet paper rolls.  Cut in strips and then glued together to make a radial flower shape.  The kids painted them today, we will make garlands with them tomorrow. 


ArtMuse said...

I love love love the mixed media tree houses and the cardboard relief sculpture, very creative!

Anonymous said...

Hi There. I didn't know how else to email you so I hope this comment posting is ok.
I have nominated your blog for the very inspiring blogger award.
Please view my post for info and pass it on if you wish.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The tree house is fabulous, and I also love your finger-painted self-portraits. You have a lot of really creative ideas here - I'll be following you with great interest from now on. I've added your link to my blog at Dream Painters and hope you visit me soon!