Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pointillism Fish

Kinder artists learning about George Seurat and his pointillism technique.  They then drew and painted ocean fish in tempera paints and Q-tips using only dots.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Line Portraits

Laurel Burch Cats

Kinders studied San Francisco artist Laurel Burch and created cats like hers in oil pastel.  I use to have a pair of cat earrings like this!


Making a mess is so fun as long as the clean up goes well.  My jr hi class is working on the art element form and creating 3-D letter sculptures.  It's fun to create art with length, width and depth.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mixing Secondary Colors

My JKs learned about mixing primary colors together to get secondary colors.  We read Mouse Paint, and learned that the mice mixed up the paint to get these colors and then we tried it.  I used a template for the mouse shape that they traced, outlined, and added eyes, noses, whiskers and tails, then we experimented with color.

Me and Mona

I love teaching my kinders about
Mona Lisa and da Vinci.  I tell them her history of how she ended up in France and then was stollen back to Italy and then returned to France again.  She has been stuck in the museum for a really long time.  It's time to take her somewhere to cheer her up.  Some students take her to the beach or the moon or home to play with toys.  Where every they take her I'm sure she's smiling.