Friday, January 30, 2009

mom and me class

This project is for the mom and me class at the red bee on March 14th. I just love that plaid paper. Don't you?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more inspiration from CHA

Candice and Echo {aka hunnybunny and eee-cho} in matching sweaters. Aparently they didn't call each other that morning.
An amazing cake that was inspired by Duff on Ace of Cakes. Love that show.
Are these not the coolest pants ever. I had to take a picture. The lady had made them herself. Wow! Don't think I could pull them off though. I better just go buy a matching sweater to fit in with the gals.
Cute print of a house. Houses were really in this year along with woodland animals, owls, and cakes.
One more cake from an album at 7gypies. I loved this page.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crafter's challenge

One more quick post about CHA. Heather and I participated in a crafter's challenge at the EK Success booth. We had a half an hour and a bunch of supplies and we had to come up with a project. We made that cute little yellow clipboard project that she has in her hands and if you will notice too, she is holding the trophy that we won.


The following are some pics I took today at the CHA show. I was so inspired by all the creative things there. Lots of flowers at Prima and the bra and star was from Maya Road. I even heard that Paris Hilton was there today with a new line of scrapbooking product. I didn't see it though. Maybe tomorrow. Hope you get inspired as much as I did.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a few more pics from my birthday. Is anyone going to admit they sent me flowers? I must have a secret admirer. I also got brownies from my student Kendall. Yummy! Thanks Kendall, we all enjoyed them during 6th period.
and.... this is a layout I did last night at the Red Bee for Teresa Collins' new line. Don't think it is even on the shelves yet, but she is coming to the store tonight to teach a class so they wanted a layout to promote her new papers. I love the clock paper especially.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's My Party

Well I'm not really having a party but I did celebrate my birthday {29} today. I got an eliptical machine and a beautiful art necklace and some milkglass and an orchid plant and some flowers for my birthday. It was lovely. My family came over and we had BLT's and fruit salad for dinner. I have plans next week for a couple more celebrations. Thanks for stoppin by.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{D} Weekend

It was not an {A} weekend. {A} standing for ART, but it was a {D} weekend. {D} standing for dogs, dirt, dust, and desert. No art done. I brought some collage stuff out, but forgot the glue. What did you do?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

27 dresses

Well how are your dresses coming? My mom and I got together this smorning and designed a few more. I think by the time the deadline comes (Feb 7th) I'll have 27 dresses. They are addicting and so much fun. Makes me want to go back to school and be a fashion designer. How are your's coming?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oli and the Pig

I gave Oli a beanie baby pig to keep him busy and he thought it was a wrestling partner. The pig wiped him out, and he soon took a nap.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

button box

I saw this cute little origami box with buttons on it in a Victoria magazine from the year 2000 that someone had passed on to me, and I thought, I could make it with the help of Emma who had made origami boxes in the past. She showed me how to do it and then all that was left was to add the buttons on the lid (with a glue gun) and wrap a ribbon around it. Emma made the one on the top. She just added a brad with some layered flowers. Now, what will go inside?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Santa Ana winds are blowing here like crazy. All the leaves and such are coming off the trees, so the kids were out front making a big pile of what I thought were leaves, so I grabbed my camera for a photo op, and the pile of leaves turned out to be a pile of prickly balls (that is what we call them, they come off the liquid amber trees). So they humored me, and layed down in the balls. OUCH! Mommmmm! But what a great scrapbook page it will make right?

Not much completed art here, been busy with the puppy, but I did get a chance to make some heads that I am sure will come to good use in the future, somewhere....

Saturday, January 10, 2009


In other news, I have to show you this. Introducing the newest member of our family. We got him for Christmas but couldn't pick him up until today. We named him Oliver Twist, Oli for short. Isn't he cute. He is so soft and cute. He's a doxie, and the kids think he's better than a nintendog.

bottlecap charm

Did you see this? I made it for a swap. My first ever bottlecap charm. What are you working on?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

mixed media background tutorial

I have been doing a mixed media project with my elementary kids and we are having a lot of fun using layers in art so here is a quick tutorial if you want to try it out with us.
First, use crayons and trace or draw shapes in different colors, overlapping them to create new shapes.
Next, add stamp images in different colored inks overlapping and coming off the edge.
Next, color in the shapes with different colored pencils or crayons. Use similar colors, and use the same color in different areas to creat unity.
Add details, words, patterns with another layer with darker markers, overlapping more.
The last step can be collage. Add layers of images over your mixed media background. Have fun make art!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Dress and Journal Pages

One more dress for the Party Dress Garland Swap. Click on the button on the side if you are interested in joining. This one I did mixed media with pens, crayons, pencils and stamps. So much fun to layer.

and a couple of journal pages for my closefriend Cathy in Alaska. So sad that my two week vacation is coming to an end, and it's back to work again tomorrow. I just filled out the new 2009 calendar for the rest of the school year. There still will be time for art though, everyday.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I decided to do the Sunday postcard challenge this week. The theme is celebration, so I did a New Year's Party Hat. I have actually made a hat too. There are two of them for Valentine's Day in my etsy shop.
Also, last week I went and bought a couple of books. This one is called "The Savvy Crafter's Buide to Success by Sandra McCall and I got the Vanity Fair coffeetable book too, which inspired me to go to LACMA and see the show, so my mom and I did that. It was so much fun.
The show and the book has 100 years of partraits of moviestars and writers that contributed to the magazine. The show had some video too that was really cool. Here are a few of the portraits.
The Gish sisters, 1921.

The Albertina Rasch dance troupe, 1927.

Kate Moss, 2006

and Hollywood Issue cover 2008, Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway.
Also I made this heart for a heart swap on Mail Art World and.....
last but not least, I got these at Anthropologie at their sale. They are Christmas Oranaments, but I think I'll make pins out of them. Stay tuned. Well, that's what I have been up to, how about you. Let me know.