Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lady Liberty

Fifth graders finished these Statue of Liberty pictures with the New York skyline behind them.  They used markers colored pencils sharpies and watercolors and collagedthe Statue of Liberty on in front.  We also learned how the statue was made and fund raised for and brought here to United States as a gift from France.  The understructure was actually designed by Gustav Eiffel who also designed the Eiffel Tower.


After school programming class did some really creative weaving this week.  I had tons of scrap strips given to me by the aides, and we twisted some, and used pipe cleaners and I even cut up some sparkly bulletin board border.  They really got into it.  What a fun project to get the creativity out.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Inspired by Matisse

We have been discussing still life's and Henri Matisse.  I love the bright colors and patterns that Matisse puts in his still life's.  Second and third graders made a collage vase with tissue paper and markers,  and drew and cut out and collaged flowers to go in the vase and set them on a  printed table.

Painting Ceramics

My school is fundraising, so the student artists are glazing ceramic pots, ice cream bowls to sell and buy.  We have been glazing and doping all week. No love the muted colors of the U fired glazes, and also the shiny brights of the finished pieces as well.