Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a few more pics from my birthday. Is anyone going to admit they sent me flowers? I must have a secret admirer. I also got brownies from my student Kendall. Yummy! Thanks Kendall, we all enjoyed them during 6th period.
and.... this is a layout I did last night at the Red Bee for Teresa Collins' new line. Don't think it is even on the shelves yet, but she is coming to the store tonight to teach a class so they wanted a layout to promote her new papers. I love the clock paper especially.


julie king said...

that brownie looks scrumptious! i'm liking that clock paper too.

roc said...

wonderful photos. i'll take credit for sending you flowers if you need someone to jennifer.
beautiful scrapbook layout.

trisha too said...

hey, Happy Birthday to you!!!
it sounds like it was happy, indeed.

that paper is wonderful, as is what you made with it; you should put some scraps in my swap envie! ;)

ummm, look, the thing is, I know you said 10 dresses was okay to swap, but how do you feel about 15? Let me know . . .