Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more inspiration from CHA

Candice and Echo {aka hunnybunny and eee-cho} in matching sweaters. Aparently they didn't call each other that morning.
An amazing cake that was inspired by Duff on Ace of Cakes. Love that show.
Are these not the coolest pants ever. I had to take a picture. The lady had made them herself. Wow! Don't think I could pull them off though. I better just go buy a matching sweater to fit in with the gals.
Cute print of a house. Houses were really in this year along with woodland animals, owls, and cakes.
One more cake from an album at 7gypies. I loved this page.


echowein said...

Oh my goodness! The sweater one is so funny!

roc said...

those pants are wild. i don't think i could have pulled those off either. love that cake!