Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Nest

Spring to me is a time of the year when everything is fresh and new.  I love to look up in the tree and see the green buds, and new leaves filling out.  I love listening to the birds chirp in the warmth of the sunlight.  These things inspire me to get out the paper scraps, vintage images, paint and anything else I think might go with Spring.  Things such as peat pots, Easter grass, bunnies, birds, eggs, mini-flowers and greenery, help to capture this time of year.   

For this little nest project, I used a peat pot that I had gotten a dozen of at the dollar store.  I painted the pot white, and then embellished it with vintage lace and a button with jute tied through it.  I then collaged some scrapbook paper prints and grass with a bunny image I had from a vintage Easter card.  (see page),  I also collaged together the letters NEST and wrapped them around a piece of string and tied them to pipe cleaners to make the banner across the top.  I glued it all together with a hot glue gun, and added Easter grass and some small silk florals in the front to make the nest Springy.

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