Friday, May 11, 2007

mother's day

In celebration of Mother's Day I want to hear your crazy mother stories. Tell me something funny/crazy you did as a mother. Let's hear it. Here is mine:

I was in line to have material cut at Joann's and the lady was taking forever. The line was about 5 deep. My kids were bored and playing with the colorful thread that is right across from the cutting table. The lady stopped cutting a proceeded to ask whose kids those were and could I tell them to stop touching the threads. I said that they were mine and that I would not tell them to stop, and if they damaged the threads I would buy them all and that she needed to cut material a little faster. I remember being in ClothWorld when I was a kid waiting for my mom to get material cut, and those threads were always so attractive, what kid couldn't resist, and they didn't damage a single one.

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