Monday, November 3, 2008

well I have been working on some swap projects for Christmas, but I can't show them because they are Christmas presents and they need to get wrapped. Been busy otherwise with kids and sports and things so not much art to show of lately. Things are going to slow down here in a couple of weeks. Then we'll ramp things up again for the holidays. Happy November and Happy Super Tuesday to you tomorrow. Hope the polls aren't too crowded, and the wait not long.


roc said...

i've missed you jennifer. i hope you have time for art making really soon!

kathy said...

Just skipping by to see , glorious creations -- SAW those
cuties of yours --your MAsterpieces !! They are so cute
ok, wasn't really skipping at 61
not so much , but i was in my heart♥ -and mind - ya know sometimes when in serious art mode, at scrap or stamp shows ,I carry a small backpack- when the next week I shop people look at me funny -- hmmm maybe it is not the age and backpack thing lol - KAthy _GA --old swap buddy !!