Friday, December 26, 2008

These little houses were for the 12 days of Christmas swap I did. They all got opened so I can post my pics now.
My latest postcard available on It's called "your mama wears combat boots."
A little collage of some hi-lights of the year. Can't believe it's almost over. It's been a good year. No complaints here.
and....did you go out shopping today? I did. It was pretty busy out there. I'll have to take some pics of what I got. Did you get anything good? Any really great deals? Let me know.


scrapnchat said...

I like the collage Jenn. How did you make it? Did you send them out? I would like to do something like that next year. Hope you had a nice holiday. Heather

Paben said...
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Paben said...

Your little house are so cute! Wow my other comment got scrambled,so I deleted it!