Saturday, February 21, 2009

I bought some new albums last night to hold my scrapbooking pages. I think I am done with creative memories, and I hate the postbound albums so I am going to try the three ring binder types. These are by Pebbles Inc and they are black leather and they hold a lot of pages, also they have pages that you can just slip photos into without having to do a layout.
Still working on some eggs, let me know if you have made any, I want to see them and get inspired. I am so ready for Easter, which reminds me I need to take down the Valentine decor.
and this is my cell phone, can you tell where it is. This has been my morning. Maureen you are not alone with the cell phone shenanigans, I can relate.
and if you are still with me at this point in my blog rantings, this is a RAK give away. Leave a comment and I'll draw a name on Tuesday and I'll mail the winner this cardboard house hanger. It has space in the middle to add a picture. If you have washed your cell phone let me know and I'll put your name in twice. Knowing I am not alone will, I am sure, make me feel better, until I get the the cingular store and find out how much it will be for a new one.
Happy Bicentennial Birthday Abe. It was Abe Lincoln day at school yesterday. This is Emma in her Nick Jonas wig and Abe Lincoln get up, posing with the lovelies, Mrs. Whitsell and Ms. Abe Slazas.
and sent to me with some lovely dresses was this hostess gift for the dress swap from Robin Sanchez, you can see her creations here. Her art is amazing.
and isn't Oliver getting big. He is such a good dog. Emma says he is her favorite puppy, and Jack is her favorite dog.
and lastly and most importantly, yesterday was Abe Lincoln day, but today is pancake day. Thanks for the yummy breakfast Henry. So much for the biggest loser.


roc said...

as always i so enjoy your photos. great pictures. bummer on your cell phone. i think that happens to everyone at least once! your doggie is adorable!

julie king said...

i could dive right into those pancakes!!!!!! i left my cell phone in my jeans pocket once and did the same thing as you. luckily it was an old hand-me down phone! take care!

Tammy said...

Does dropping my phone in the toilet count as washing? I guess it actually went for a swim. Thank goodness I was at the end of my 2-year contract and was due for a new phone! Oh, your puppy is so sweet looking. Love that face. And it was pancake day in our house today - chocolate chip pancakes - Yum!

Maureen said...

Loved todays blog and all the cute pictures. Bummer about the cell phone. We ended up just purchasing one online because it would have been more expensive through Cingular, but my sim card still worked. Oliver is getting so big and is absolutely adorable. Missed you today at the Red Bee. Have a great Monday and hope to see you soon!

Paula Clare said...

I'm afraid I must count myself among the ranks of the "laundered cellphone" didn't survive. :-(

Meanwhile, your doggy is the sweetest! What a cutie! And your house hanging is completely adorable! PICK ME! PICK ME!

Victoria M. Rees said...

I washed my son's cell phone too. We let it dry for a few days before trying to turn it on and it still works. Shazam!!