Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roy Lichtenstein

I saw this Roy Lichtenstein at the National Gallery of Art last month in Washington D.C. It was huge, probably 10 or 15 feet high. I've seen some of his work at the LACMA, but nothing this big. My kinders study Lichtenstein and his use of benday dots to create his works of art. You can see benday dots with a magnifying glass and the colored comic page.

They then create their own self-portraits using a pattered piece of paper for their face and only using red, yellow, blue, white and black construction paper. I can really see their resemblance.

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Barbara's Thought of the Day said...

I love how you did this lesson and by coincidence found a really big box of patterned papers like these that has been in the art closet for a very, very long long long time. It's a mystery what they are, but now I know what I will do with them.
Thank you for helping me move this really big box out of an already cramped art room closet.