Thursday, February 9, 2012


 Vocab words: concentric, and colaborative, radiate.  My elementary students have been learning about Wassily Kandinsky and concentric circles.  We got the inspiration for tis project from his "squares with concentric rings."  The students started with a 9" square of white paper.  folded it into fourths to find the center.  Then in multi-colored  crayon they drew concentric circles radiating out from the center, then added patterns inbetween.  Next we watercolored the rest with liquid watercolors.  When they had dried, I cut them into fourth and they traded 3 of the fourths and kept one of their own.  Next we taped them back together for a colaborative piece of art.  I am working on a larger one in which the elementary classes are creating as one big colaborative piece.  Hope you're inspired.......

We have also been inspired by Andy Warhol lately.  Working on these pop art pieces.  We haven't done the handprinting part yet, but the kids are tracing their hand 4 times and coloring them in solid bright colors, with coordinating background colors.  We will handprint next time with black tempera. 

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