Thursday, October 25, 2012


 I have really gotten into fall this year.  My fifth grade drawing class drew pumpkins last week and they did such a great job that we drew leaves today.  We went out on campus and they picked their own leaves looking for nice values and details in the veins.  Next they brought them back to the art room and they drew them.  When it was time to move onto another assignment they didn't want to. 

 Yesterday in after school art we made leaves out of coffee filters.  The students cut out the leaf shapes and then colored them with waterbased markers then they painted them with water to make the color from the markers bleed.  I pinned them on my tree.
We also made pumpkins from brown paper lunch bags.  We stuffed them with newspaper and created a stem from the leftover bag that was cut off the top.  We added a leaf and brown string to tie it up. 


Elizabeth said...

Lovely detailed life drawings and I love the colors you've achieved for your tree leaves :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've featured your website on I really like lots of your crafts and activities! Amazing!