Thursday, May 29, 2014

Auction Art

Most years my school does an auction at the end of the year for find raising, and I try and help out by doing class group art projects.  Here are a few so far for this year's auction.
This is 2nd grade, they each designed a peacock feather and helped desin and color the peacock.
This is 4th grade, we brained stormed about ice cream flavors and then collaged.
This is kindergarten, they each painted stripes to go on the zebra.
This is 4th grade, they each designed a boat and sails.
One of my favorites, these are third grade.  The color doesn't do it justice.



Nathaly said...

Wow! Très jolie :-))))

Nancie Kay said...

What great ideas - I'm sure they were a big hit with your audiences.