Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess who?

Me, just a few years ago. I love looking at old pictures. I would love you see yours. Leave a comment with a link so I can see you when you were just a small fry. Maybe we should have a baby photo contest. The cutest baby picture will win a $5 starbucks card. Post your link by Aug 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Okay. . . hands down, YOU win. What a little cutie. That's my girl. . . .love, Mom

jillzbop said...

I agree with your mom. There's no sense in even ARE the winner! :) Jill

illyse said...

Such a cute pic! Yes, I can totally tell it is you!!! How funny! I don't know how to scan a baby pic of myself. I only know how to send digital and of course, all my baby photos are "real" pics. bummer!