Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Sunday was a special day for me. I turned 17! Seventeen years of sobriety that is. Wow, it has really gone by fast. I went to a meeting last night to get a chip and some of the ladies there gave me presents, so here are some pictures:

Thanks Heidi for the beautiful flowers, I love gerbers the best and these are so brilliant, so inspiring. Love them.

Thanks to Charlotte for the beautiful angel. Isn't she devine. I'll have to find a special place for her. She says: Let His angels guide the way. Love it.

This is a zetti chucky board book swap I am working on, not finished yet. I am being inspired by Teesha Moore.

And, lastly, this is a door that has been seran wrapped and stuffed with balloons. I won't tell you who did it or where it is, but some people had some fun last night. Remember school starts tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That's great! I am sure the angels are all arround you:)

jillzbop said...

Congratulations, dear friend! I am so happy for you. I'll take you out for some turquoise fro yo to celebrate, okay?