Saturday, September 1, 2007


I found these treasures at the plaza today, during the street fair. It was a good day for treasures and the shops were cool so it was nice to get out of the heat of the street fair.

This is for the sweet and sinister swap, I bought 2, one for me.

This, I just had to have, cuz it was only a buck. Jill was bummed that I saw it first, so I'll give it to her for her birthday, maybe.

This is an ornament with a little shaker box in the back. Just cute, I'll find something to do with it.

This was also an ornament, I'll do something with it I'm sure, or it will end up on my tree.


Laume said...

I HEART that creepy little flower. Do you have a name or website or business card with phone number for the artist? I would order one.

Laume said...

Just realized there are two flower pics - I mean the walking one.