Tuesday, August 12, 2008

postcard & circus

One more postcard to add to the collection. I missed the postcard challenge this week, but still made one. And, pics from the circus.

Doesn't that tiger look like he wanted to eat me? That is what I was thinking when he looked right at me through the camera lens, and the elephants look cute right? Well that picture was taken right before they all had a big poop fest. I guess if they eat together then they also cr*p together too. It was like a chain reaction. I won't say anymore. Happpy art day. Now, go make art.


roc said...

you always have the best photos!!

Kathryn Costa said...

Hello miss jennalee. I found you by way of the Sweet & Sinister blog. Now isn't that Artsy Mama an inspiration! What a delight to discover you this morning. I just love, love, love your blog, art, and photos. Great circus pics - and yes, I would agree that tiger wants your leg, chomp, chomp. Your black and white finds gave me an idea for my swap box. Thanks for the inspiration! Kathryn