Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's transition time. The anticipation mounts as the new school year is upon us. The kids just have a few more days of summer. I went back to work yesterday. I love getting the new classroom supplies and prepping the classroom for the new year, but the loss of summer freedom is hard to face. Soon summer will be a happy memory and books, learning, and recess will be all we know.


Sir Pumpkin said...

Yup - I taught in a secondary school for more years than I care to recall - the feelings you describe are all too familiar.

And where do kids get all that energy from? Yikes - were we once like that??

Have a good term.

PS. And I still hope to trade for one of your amazing faces.

roc said...

my hub went back to school today. you are right..summer is over. i hope you will still find lots of time to make your fabulous art!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a cute 'school picture'. Soon Summer will just be a memory. You did so much wonderful art over Summer