Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eggs in the Morning

Do you like eggs in the morning? I don't like to necessarily eat eggs in the morning, but I love to wake up before everyone else and feed the dogs, make coffee and then go in the craft room and make eggs. They are almost as fun as making dresses in the morning. Here is my dress garland from the swap.


roc said...

those eggs are so cute. i love seeing my little dress garland hanging from my shelf.

Alison Gibbs said...

How cute those eggs are and I love the dress garland too

trisha too said...

these are SO cute.

is it okay if i maybe send ten again?

you know how it is when you start making something . . . we can all see that!!


Tammy said...

Your eggs look great. I'm on a roll now with the eggs, too. They're so much fun to decorate. I love the dress garland. I especially love the one with black on it. Looks gorgeous. I like getting up early before everyone else, or staying up late once everyone's gone to bed and getting some creative projects completed.

Joyce said...

I love to stay up late after everyone's gone to bed. I feel most creative at that time. Your eggs are beautiful! I'm having such a good time decorating mine also. The dress garland is beautiful. I'm wondering what you will come up with next . . . I'll stay tuned!!