Sunday, March 22, 2009

I stopped by the Red Bee yesterday to check out the new paper and I got this line, by Cosmo Cricket. It's called Girl Friday and its really cool. Lots of vintage pictures and patterns. And I was talking to Candice, who pointed me in the direction of Paris to the Moon. They were having a Tour de Art by Earth Angels artists, so Emma and I cruised down to Costa Mesa and checked it out.
this spring basket was inside with lots of other wonderful creatations. It was very crowded, so I'll have to go back on a less busy day. We did see some great art, though, and really got inspired.
This duck was in the front window and I had to have a picture of him with his party hat on.
and this sign was in the alley next to the store. I just thought it was odd, usually they say speed bumps, not humps.
So when we got home we looked up the artist Nicole Bowen and tried our hand at painting on felt and wool. We are going to get grandma to sew these images onto somethings. The woodland owl is the one Emma (my 12 year old) painted.

And, an update on Oliver. He is now 4.5 months old and getting bigger by the minute. He loves to roll over and have you rub his tummy.


scrappygal said...

Hey how are you..hope all is well! Speed humps..yep that caught my eye..Weird! Take care!

roc said...

humps! haha...well you know where that takes ones mind! your pictures are always awesome!

julie king said...

painting on felt looks like a challenge but one with stunning results. olive is such a cutie!!!! how can you ever resist rubbing that tummy?

Melinda Cornish said...

I love it all, especially the duck! So glad you decided to snap his picture and share...My easter eggs are done too! Going to mail them out to you on Thursday......Melinda

jillzbop said...

hey jennifer-
just checking in. i was bummed that we didn't get to see you and emma. we'll have to set up another ice cream date soon. ally asks, oh, about two to three times a week "when can we see henry and emma?" :) hope you have a great weekend.