Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well my computer is up and running again. I think that the surge protector shut off during the lightning and thunder storm we had here the other night. My best friend Maureen had lightning hit 2 doors down from her house. Caught a palm tree on fire and blew a hole through a brick wall. In other news, Henry had a water party at school on Friday, so we filled up our cooler with water balloons.

Another journal page for the swap I'm in, trying to stay on top of things.


roc said...

wow...the lightening was severe, huh? that would have scared me. love your photos!

kathy said...

Jen - been busy girl !! Love all your student work - I know you must be proud at all they accomplish and the joy they have from it - Kathy - ga

julie king said...

we had so many fun water balloon fights as a kid. looks like it is a still a great kid tradition.

your journal page is delightful!