Monday, January 10, 2011

break out self portraits

And we just finished these break out self portraits. The kids used prisma color markers and created a front all about them and the future and then ripped a hole in it and added their self portrait to the back. They look amazing.


Hannah - Mary P said...

Those look really cool. I always love seeing things where the art looks almost 3D - these remind me of all that chalk (?) that gets done on pavements and just looks so real.

Great Blog by the way :)

Miss said...

This is a super cool project: Do have a lesson plan for this you wouldn't mind forwarding to me, or could you give me some more instructions as to how you did this? Are those simplified digital photos of the students or did they draw them?

jennalee said...

I don't have a lesson plan, but what we did was the selfportrait the drew themselves and I photocopied them and made them smaller. For the color part I had them draw an organic shape in the middle and then color in things around it about this year and the future, then they cut out he shape and ripped it a bit, so it looks like they are ripping out. Attached portrait from behind.