Friday, September 2, 2011

Disruptive Monkey

A monkey came to art class last week and he was really disruptive. He didn't listen and follow directions, he didn't stay in his seat and he didn't share his crayons. He was even playing with the art supplies while I was teaching about a famous artist. He was talking so loud while I was teaching the other kids couldn't hear me. I asked him to stop. But then he just got louder. Finally I told him he had to leave, that disruptive monkeys weren't allowed in art class. He started to cry. He said that he had never been to art class before and that he didn't know the rules. He said he wanted to stay and learn the rules and asked if I would help him. I said he could stay if he learns the rules and follows them so that all my students can enjoy art time. I will be asking my students what the art class rules are, so we can teach the monkey, so he can stay and be artistic with us.

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