Friday, June 22, 2007


Like my new banner? I figured it out on my own. I thought it was a lot harder than it was. I still feel like I can work on it some more, but just getting it up there is progress. I just needed some uninterupted time and I got some of that tonight. Donna is having a contest on her blog if you want to give her an idea of something cheap and fun to do with the kids this summer. Check it out here. You can win some scrapbooking stash.

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illyse said...

Hi Jennifer..
Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I am up late checking out your blog. Love the new title topper.. Are those all your works of art?? Really nice! My aunt is an artist too! I've never been able to draw or paint but I guess my art form is "collage" in the form of scrapbooks! I enjoyed reading your answers to the "tag" questions. Thanks for playing! We will miss you at the bee tomorrow. ( i mean today.. it is now 12:38 am.) We went to an Angel game tonight and got home late.