Friday, June 22, 2007

Tag Game

Okay.. now on to more fascinating things...
I have been tagged with some questions to answer so here they are..

My roommate and I once: went to a KISS concert
Never in my life have I: Been to Florida
High school was: a learning experience
When I'm nervous: I can't sit still and put my fingers in my mouth
My hair: Brown with some red and a few greys
When I was 5: I took a dance class that had tumbling at the end and I love the tumbling more.
When I turn my head left: I can see over my left shoulder
By this time next year: I hope to have broadened my teaching abilities.
My favorite aunt is: Don't have too many aunts, so I'll say Aunt Casey cuz she calls me on my birthday and Aunt Margaret, because she always lets us come stay at her house.
My ideal breakfast is: a cup of coffee with flavored creamer.

If you visit my home town: You can take an art tour. Brea has 143 pieces of public art.

If you spend the night at my house: I'll be up before you, always up early.
My favorite blonde is: Emma (blondish-brown)

My favorite brunette is: Jill (awesome curly too)

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: cats
Last night I: watched a high school softball all-star game and two of my former students were playing. yea!
A better name for me would be: jennalee (screen name)

I've been told I look like: someone who looks like me

If I could have any car, it would be: red classic convertable vw bug

If you are reading this you have been tagged, which means it's your turn to answer these questions.

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