Wednesday, November 7, 2007

my tree climber

Give him a tree and he'll find a way up. At first it was really scary watching him go up so high. But now I just don't watch and trust that he is very coordinated and athletic. The thing is, he looks so cute in the tree, so I always get my camera. Mac is cute too. Henry taught her to climb too. Now they just need some bananas.


Alison Gibbs said...

You are right sometimes we just have to let them try new things. We might be scared for them but they aren't.

Laume said...

My kids play football, bungee jump, snowboard, hike, shoot, jump out of airplanes, fly airplanes, jump off cliffs, scuba dive, and of course when they were little they climbed lots of trees. They're all grown except the last teen so it's not like I can do much about stopping them even if I could. How much do we want to wrap out kids up in bubble wrap? At least my kids are good and check in with me during and after all the dangerous stuff they do. I often just have not watch and trust. I'm proud of them in about equal measure as I worry about them, they're all such interesting people. Motherhood is definitely not for wimps.