Friday, November 16, 2007


I was feeling a bit wonky the other day so I made a wonky rolo. We don't use wonky here at all in the states, but I rather like the word and hope to use it more often. I guess it means crazy. Do you ever feel wonky?

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Laume said...

You've never heard the word wonky before!? I hear it all the time, mainly in the art crowd, although sometimes in a different context. I don't think it means crazy in a general way - it means more that you feel, or something is, a bit "off kilter". Oh dear, maybe you don't know that term either. Lopsided. Scewed. Not level. Like "That picture is hanging a little wonky." or "I like to make wonky frames on my quilt squares." Or "She's a little bit wonky." And yes, I feel wonky often!