Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, I need to take down the Valentine's decor, so I can put up this. Got inspired by all the cute spring things I am seeing on everyone's blog. This is an 8X10 canvas covered with papers and a copy of a vintage easter postcard and some ribbon and a few embellishments and of course those glitter letters, I love. Thanks for the inspiration. Time to decorate.


Alison Gibbs said...

How cute your Spring Canvas is.

illyse said...

Hi Jennifer!
I still have valentine's stuff up at my house too! I just keep forgetting to take it down! I have some cute spring stuff to put up but will get there eventually! I love you Spring decoration! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to confess that I just discovered that I had forgotten to take some Christmas stuff down!

Your canvas is very pretty...Happy spring! said...

Doesn't Easter seem way too early this year? Hurry and get that cute little collage up, so you have time to enjoy it!!

scrappygal said...

Now that is really pretty...I think I may have to make something like that myself. We will see I guess.

I hope that all is well. Take care and talk to you soon :)


kathy said...

WOW - this is so lovely -- you are very inspiring -- am so behind on everything because of shoulder -better now -- THis is so lovely . Easter Blessings to you --I love what you do -- I smile everytime I look at my do not disturb sign -- reminds me of all my valentine goodies from you -- what fun they are still -- Kathy _GA -