Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy #9

H turned nine on Tuesday and I have to say the best present he got was a briefcase full of tape from Grandma and Grandpa. I can't tell you how much this kid loves tape. Now maybe I'll have tape in the tape drawer without it disapearing. And he said, "you know where to come if you need tape," so he is willing to share. He also got a digital camera, because he loved taking pictures with mine. So much that, he has had his camera for a total of a day and a half, and the memory card is completely full. We now have pictures of everything in the house. Maybe he needs a blog to share them, hehe! Happy birthday H.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Henry is the "go-to" guy in your house for tape. Happy 9th birthday, Henry!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Many great wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Ha! This child needs a blog! I'd love it and he'd have a regular reader. Maybe he could do a tape tutorial and show us what he does with it!

scrappygal said... is an important birthday month now isn't it ! Happy Birthday !
BTW Adam used to have a fixation with tape which he referred to as "paper tape". Whenever I needed it, it was nowhere to be found...except, of course, on his creations :)