Monday, February 11, 2008

Projects from CHA

Here are some pics from CHA I took today. These are sample projects made from product from Creative Cafe, EKsucess and more. I think I took a lot of pictures of chunky books. Guess I see chunky books in my future. I had a lot of fun, but really had visual overload from all the new product. I would not want to be a buyer and have to choose.


Anonymous said...

OH too too cute -- Can't wait to hear all about it -- What cute designs -- I guess the hard thing -- is most purchases have to be a minimum -- when I had a business yrs ago -- the minimums sometimes stoppe me cold -- I didn't need 500 of one item -- (small crafting things ) because each season changed up my creations -- very frustrating to " MS< GOTTA HAVE IT NOW " kinda shopper -- Why buy 1 or 2 when 10 is just right lol --
Got lucky was in Micaaels last Fri -- put large mache star boxes out for $1 - bought all 10 they had -- now getting box overload -- yikes storage ??
found cute ones at dollar tree also . OK gotta go to bed -- slep a while in fav chair --in front of tv now checking blog pals at 3:45 -
will hate myself in the morning -- KAthy

Alison Gibbs said...

What gorgeous creations from CHA.